Redesigning Archetyped

The People Have Spoken
By Sol in Know
It’s hard to believe that this site’s current design is over 6 years old! For someone who is usually tired of a design by the time it’s launched, I am surprised that it still feels fresh to me.

That said, much has changed over these last 6 years, especially in regards to the direction of this site. Despite my fondness for the current design, it has become a limiting factor as Archetyped grows beyond a simple personal blog into a hub for a community and more.

It’s time to redesign Archetyped.


A few years ago I started releasing software on this site. The reception and feedback I have received has been truly beyond all expectations. To date, over 350,000 people from around the world have downloaded software from this site.

While it started out as a catch-all personal blog, Archetyped’s direction is changing to focus on supporting its growing community of users.


A community has formed around these tools and Archetyped needs to grow to support this community.

Creating a place to facilitate discussion is a primary focus of the redesign. Providing feedback, making feature requests, and even submitting bug reports should be effortless.

A community also needs to be supported with resources such as tutorials and documentation. Therefore, the redesign will also be focused on making it easy to find the resources you need to make the tools on this site work for you.


In order to properly support a community now and into the future, it needs to be sustainable. To that end, sustainability is being built-in into Archetyped’s redesign by adding an element of commerce.

While most of the products and services on Archetyped will continue to be free, certain upcoming offerings will cost cash money. Of course, these offerings will be completely optional and you can continue to use all of the free tools that Archetyped offers without any pressure to buy anything.

Many users have asked for premium features, products, and services so I am excited to finally be able to provide this.

Follow the Redesign: New Episodes Every Friday

This is only the beginning, but I’m excited about this redesign and what it means for Archetyped and it’s community. It’s going to be awesome!

I’m opening up my design process completely and sharing everything as I post updates every Friday on the redesign’s progress.

The next update will cover building a strong foundation for your site, to keep it accessible and easy to use now and in the future.