Releasing My Wares

Making the box do things
By Sol in Blog

I know I’m just typing into the black box on the desk that I sit before each day, but sometimes I like to imagine that there are others out there, others who can somehow read the things I type into this box. I continue to type things into the box because I find it an interesting pastime, though I do admit that I find pleasure in imagining that these others might also find the things I type into the box to be interesting.

I also type things into the box that can make the box do things. Mostly little things, but also some big things. I like to tell the box to do things because it means I don’t have to do them myself. I call this kind of typing, programming, and I call the things that I type, software.

I like making software, so I think I’ll keep doing it. Just as with the other things I type, I’ve sometimes wondered whether others might also be interested in the software, and the things it makes the box do. Do they sit in front of boxes too?

Who knows. All the same, I’ve decided to put my software on the box. If others are out there, they can get this software and use it to make their box do things. I’ve made an area in the box for my software called Tools. The first tool that I’ve put there is called Simple Lightbox, a WordPress plugin that makes adding a lightbox image viewer to WordPress simple.

I think I’ll continue to add more software to this area of the box so that the area doesn’t seem so empty.