Redesigning Archetyped: Bringing the Fun Back

By Sol in Know

Creating a tutorial each week based on the progress I’ve made redesigning Archetyped has been an interesting challenge. It forces me to think about how what I’ve learned or experienced can be used to help others.

However, while sharing tips and tricks is great, this redesign is also a process. There’s more to it than just tutorials. There are also the experiences I’m having while in the thick of building a new site that may be helpful and interesting to you.

I realized that I forgot why I started this series in the first place– to be a progress log that anyone (myself included) can read through in the future and relive the highs and lows of redesigning a website.

Once I remembered this and stopped focusing solely on spinning every post into a tutorial, I started to feel like I could have fun with this project again.

I smiled this morning when I realized that I could experiment with different ideas that might take the project in different directions without worrying about whether a good tutorial could come of it. The path was not set in stone, and that’s a good thing.

Another benefit is that if I’m having fun, I’ll keep making progress on the redesign and then I’ll have more tips and tutorials to share.

So in everyone’s best interests, I’m bringing the fun back into this series. It is a true project log once again. There will be tips and tutorials, but I will also be sharing my experiences and state of mind as I make my way through the redesign process.

What do you think about this change? Do you find straight tutorials to be more useful than a journal-like approach?

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