Redesigning Archetyped: Expect Delays

Building Mockups (Round 2)
By Sol in Know

You can call designing a website a process all you want. You can even clearly define all the steps of the process in excruciating detail. Nonetheless, design is also art, which cannot be bothered with your banal concepts of steps or schedules.

There will be delays

Sometimes part of a website design project will take longer than expected to complete. The best thing to do is anticipate this and build allowances for delays into your project’s timeline. It’s easy (and good) to be overambitious, so this will help you have a more practical plan for the project.

Unearthing the design for a website is largely experimental. You can’t really control when the perfect design comes along. All you can do is decide when to stop searching and move forward with what you currently have.

Another Day, Another Week

I spend about 1 day per week on Archetyped’s redesign. I have decided to dedicate one more day (and thus another week) to building mockups. The visual design phase is very important because it impacts every step that follows it, so spending another day to fully explore the design is worth the time.

Here are some of the mockups from day 1:

Follow the Redesign: New Episodes Every Friday

Archetyped is being redesigned, starting from square one. Instead of designing and building the site in stealth mode and releasing it to much fanfare, I’m sharing the entire process with you as a series of tutorials that you can use to design your own site!

Along with workflows, tricks, and techniques, I’ll also be sharing custom tools and templates that I’ve developed over the years to help me build awesome sites better and faster.

I’d also love to hear your questions as well as your own experiences with designing a website, so post a comment and share your thoughts!