30 Days of Email Domination: Target Acquired

By Sol in Blog

I was worried today– after getting so close to spending only 5 minutes on inbox and bulk message processing last week, the pressure was on to do even better this week. However, I knew that at some point, it simply would not be possible to process messages any faster. Short of simply deleting all messages outright, I really don’t know how much faster messages can be effectively processed.

Sure enough, I was slower today. Instead of a hair over 5 minutes, processing inbox and bulk messages took 7 minutes (and 1 second, to be exact). It’s still under 10 minutes though, so I’m happy about that.

Thankfully, management tasks (filter refinements, etc.) did take long today, requiring just under 3 minutes to complete (1 second under, to be exact). Combined with inbox and bulk message processing, I spent exactly 10 minutes on email this week.


Several weeks of hovering closer to 15 minutes for total message processing had me wondering whether I would ever hit the 10 minute mark. While the combined inbox and bulk message processing time was a bit slower this week, total processing time (inbox, bulk, and management) was 01:30 faster!

So, target acquired?

Today’s Stats

  • Checked email: 1 time
  • Time: 09:03
  • Total messages: 186
    • Inbox: 37
    • Bulk: 107
    • Important: 0
  • Management: 9
    • Incorrect Smart Label: 1
    • Unsubscribe: 8
    • Update filtering: 0
    • Spam: 0
  • Time per Message
    • Inbox: 03:45 (9.9 messages/minute)
    • Bulk: 03:16 (32.8 messages/minute)
    • Management (filters, etc.): 02.59
    • Total: 10:00
    • Average: 18.6 messages/minute