Enhanced Content Management for Wordpress
By Sol in Tools

Cornerstone transforms WordPress into a full-fledged Content Management System.  Say adios to the hacks and tricks used to shoehorn your posts into something that resembles a non-blog site and say hello to content management simplified.

Key Features


Using categories as pseudo sections to organize your posts?  No longer!  Pages are WordPress’ rightful sections and adding a post to a section is now as simple as selecting a page from a drop-down list while editing a post.


  • Canonical & logical permalinks – Posts are in a single section, and that’s how it should be.  WordPress ensures that every piece of content on the site has a canonical URI (a single URI for the content).  Cornerstone makes this URI logical so that you can tell where in the site’s structure (i.e. the section) the post is located at a glance, not what category it’s in or what year it was written in.
  • “Hackable” site structure– the URI for a piece of content should represent the location of the content in the site’s structure.  For example, given the following URI:

    With only a glance at the URI, we know that content-item is in the awesome section of the website.  In the same way, this URI is “hackable” in that we can effectively navigate through the site’s structure by removing parts of the URI.  For example, to navigate up to the parent section, we just remove content-item from the URI and load the new URI to navigate to the awesome section.’

Enhanced Content Metadata

Add preset form fields to enter metadata based on post type.  Manually creating and editing custom fields for each post is a thing of the past!  Easily enter and manage additional metadata for a rich content website (e.g. CRM, real estate listings, etc.)


  • Optimized productivity – Drag and drop creation of metadata fields for different post types.  Add fields once and they will be accessible whenever creating/editing a post.
  • Customizable – Create new fields composed of multiple sub-fields (e.g. Address field contains sub-fields for Street Address, City, State, and Zipcode).  Customize the layout of fields on the edit form and how their data is used in themes.

Coming Soon

RSS Everywhere

Allow users to subscribe to your site’s content with more flexibility.  In addition to WordPress’ standard RSS feeds, visitors can now also subscribe to updates in the following ways:

  • Content in a section
  • Content in a section by tag
  • Content in a section by category


Found a bug or otherwise experiencing an issue with Cornerstone? Report the issue here.