Stem Primal Origins: A Respite from Normal Shoes

By Sol in Reviews

Today I was helping some relatives paint and move furniture, so I was shod in a pair of standard athletic shoes for most of the day (10+ hours).

This evening after washing off the dried paint and grime, we went out for a bit.  Upon putting on the Stem Primal Origins, I immediately noticed a difference compared the normal shoes I had worn all day.

It was like night and day!

Instead of being confined in a structured shape, I was enveloped in light and airy fabric.

After a full day of clomping around in normal shoes, putting on the Primal Origins were incredibly comfortable.  I felt even more relaxed after putting them on!

I initially compared the Stem Primal Origins to my only other pair of shoes, the Vibram KSO.  While the Primal Origins may be less flexible and have less ground feel than the KSO, the Stem Primal Origins are far and away better than normal shoes.

If you’re coming from normal shoes, the Primal Origins would be a great transition to more minimal footwear.