WordPress as CMS – First Implementation

By Sol in Lab

Development has continued steadily on the CMS plugin for WordPress. I am currently beta testing it on some projects to help me better develop this plugin for real-world use. The first of these projects is a site for an international film festival called Cinema Paradise.

So what did the CMS plugin do for the site?

  • Logical/Hackable Permalinks – http://cinemaparadise.org/films lists all the films, while http://cinemaparadise.org/films/lady-vengence displays the details of one of the films in the festival (Lady Vengeance)
  • Simple Section Creation – As easy as creating a page or a post in WordPress (Actually, there are two ways to do it, and one way is even simpler than adding a page or post)
  • Easily add content to sections – When writing a post, simply select the section the post should belong to via a drop-down menu (in the post form sidebar).

Other features, such as Section-specific RSS feeds, tags, and categories are available, but the client chose not to use them. But they are still there. For example:

Next Step: Roll the additions (i.e. new features) and optimizations gained from working on this site back into the plugin itself.