WordPress as CMS – File Management

By Sol in Lab

Things have gotten a bit busy around here as of late, but I’m still working on building a more efficient interface for managing content. I have eschewed WordPress’ default single-column interface for a more “explorer-like” two-pane file manager. The left pane will list the hierarchy of Sections. When a section is selected in the left pane, the posts in that section will be displayed in the right pane. I think this works much better than paginating the listing of posts independently for each section, as that can get quite messy real quick-like.

Ultimately, I would like to integrate drag/drop functionality to for moving files from one section to another. However, to keep things simple initially, it’s simply going to be form-based

  1. select the posts
  2. select the section to move the posts to
  3. click submit

I’ll post an screenshot of the interface once I get it working.