Vibram KSO Field Notes (Day 708): Post Stretch Run

Back to Running Pain-Free...Almost
By Sol in Lab

This was the best run in a long time as it was the first run that was (nearly) free of pinky toe pain.


  • Distance (mi): 6.96
  • Time: 01:14:06


  • Was less and less inclined to run in KSOs due to pinky toe pain.
    • Pain mostly in right pinky toe, but also presented in left pinky toe
  • Suspected that pinky toe pain was due to toe pocket hitting toe nail so I decided to perform the Morton’s Toe mod on the pinky toe pocket
    • For testing purposes, I only stretched the toe pocket on the right shoe so that it would be easier to determine if there was noticeable difference after performing the mod.
    • Clamped the pinky toe pocket in a bench vise, and used a heat gun to heat the rubber sole at the base of the toe pocket while simultaneously stretching the shoe by pulling on the heel with my other hand.
    • Wasn’t sure if I making any difference, but after heating and stretching for a while, I turned off the heat gun and continued to stretch the shoe until it cooled down a bit
    • Comparing with the left shoe, the pinky toe pocket was 0.125-0.25in longer on the right (stretched) shoe.
    • Clamped toe pocket, applied heat, and stretched once more.
    • Was not sure if it had been stretched enough but decided to test and see by going on a run.
  • The Run
    • Right pinky toe was pain free!
    • Left pinky toe did experience some discomfort as usual
    • Results
      • Very enjoyable run
      • Lots of energy throughout
      • Did not feel like stopping
      • Basically: just like old times
  • Next
    • Stretch right pinky toe pocket a bit more (for additional clearance)
    • Stretch left pinky toe pocket
    • Test walking after mod (pinky toe pain usually increased due to different gait while walking).