Vibram KSO Field Notes: Day 1

Unboxing/First Impressions
By Sol in Lab


Comes in normal shoe box

Build Quality

  • Can see glue around the edges of seams
    • Not sure if that is a sign of poor build quality or not.  Will have to see how well it lasts over time
  • Vibram sole appears like it will protect well
    • It should as they are known for their soles


At store

  • Good fit
  • Snug – feels like a sock.  Very form fitting
  • Just short of constricting

At home

  • Pain!
    • Left pinky toe (Right pinky toe was snug, but not painful)
    • Every step on tile floor in apartment
    • Why? – Possibly because sole of shoe grips much better on tile floor
    • Solution (possibly) – Cut toe nail down
      • Much better, not as much pain, but still a little.  Need to wear longer to evaluate.