Simple Lightbox: WooCommerce Extension

By Sol in Lab

Supercharge your WooCommerce shop with the power of Simple Lightbox!

Increase Customer Engagement with a Lightbox

The WooCommerce Extension brings the simplicity and power of Simple Lightbox to your WooCommerce product pages.

Product image links are automatically displayed in a lightbox directly on the page when clicked without any manual code or modifications required.

Now your product page designs can be clean and inviting, while also increasing customers engagement by allowing customers to view high-resolution product images without ever leaving the page.

📷 Product Gallery Example

Early Bird Discount

Get the WooCommerce Extension now and save 40% off the full price for a limited time.

The WooCommerce Extension is currently available at a pre-launch discount to get user feedback and catch any issues with specific WooCommerce setups. The discount will end when the extension officially launches.

Get the SLB WooCommerce Extension $18 $10.80


  • Automatically enable Simple Lightbox in WooCommerce Product content areas. No manual coding required:
    • Product Image galleries.
    • Product Short Descriptions.
    • Product Full Descriptions.
  • Mobile-Optimized Lightbox displays product images beautifully on any device.
  • Easy Navigation between the product images in the lightbox with the mouse or keyboard.
  • Instant Slideshows from all image links on a product page, or separate slideshows for each content area.
  • Full support for features added by other extensions, such as the 📺 Video Extension.

Easy as 1-2-3

  1. Get the WooCommerce Extension for Simple Lightbox.
  2. Install & activate extension.
    • 📒 Note: Extension is installed like any other WordPress plugin.
  3. Done! Enjoy your automatically lightbox-enabled WooCommerce shop!


Get the SLB WooCommerce Extension $18 $10.80