SLB: Setting The Default Theme

By Sol in Lab

Now that Simple Lightbox supports themes, I’ve been thinking about ways to further integrate SLB with WordPress themes that support it.  Specifically, I think it would be great if a customized theme for SLB is activated when a user activates a theme for the rest of their site.

This would allow a user to get the full effect of a theme’s integration in a single step and would also avoid any confusion as to why their lightbox doesn’t match the theme when the developer said SLB was supported.  Things like this generally require the user to take additional steps and change settings on their sites.  I hate extra steps, especially when things should be automatic.

At the same time, no theme or plugin should remove ultimate control from the user, so I’m primarily looking at how to make things more integrated with WP themes, while still providing the user with the control they should have.