SLB: Options rebuild complete!

Beta coming soon
By Sol in Lab

It took longer than I predicted, but Simple Lightbox‘s options rebuild is now complete!

You may be thinking that the options in the above image look exactly the same as they do now.  Well, that’s exactly the point (sorta)!

As I mentioned previously, the Cornerstone‘s Content Types code was used as the basis for the options rebuild in SLB.  I’m not going to go into a lot of detail right now, but the code has been much improved and will be migrated back over to Cornerstone once this version is released.  Ultimately, this means a more efficient and extensible system for all of my plugins.

I would like to get a beta released by the end of this week, but I would also like to work in compatibility with attachment links that is planned for this release.  I’ll take a look at things tomorrow and release an initial beta without attachment compatibility so that I can start getting feedback on the options rebuild.