SLB: Notes – Client Files: Context Callbacks

By Sol in Lab

Invalid Callbacks

How to handle invalid callbacks?


  1. Current: Remove context completely
    • Other valid contexts will still be evaluated
    • - If no other contexts exist, file will always be loaded
      • Not ideal behavior
  2. Pass all callbacks to register method (whether valid or not
    • Allow register method to determine how to handle invalid callbacks
    • - Extra processing for file that should not be loaded
  3. Remove callback and evaluate just context (string)
    • - Callback is meant to be a condition of loading file
      • Removal of callback will cause undesired loading of files
  4. Track if no valid context exist for file (after parsing)
    • Remove files with no valid contexts
    • Files defined with empty contexts are allowed to pass
      • Should always be loaded
    • Use flag to track during parsing
      • Example: $valid_context = false until valid context encountered
      • If flag is false after all contexts evaluated, remove file
    • ? Are there other conditions that should still allow file to load?
      • e.g. callback property
      • A: If contexts are set but all are invalid, global callback doesn’t matter
        • Contexts & global callback are both evaluated when loading file