SLB 2.3 (Beta)

By Sol in Lab

Welcome to the beta for Simple Lightbox 2.3! Below you will find information and links to the beta releases for this version.


Thanks for participating in the beta testing. If you have any questions, issues, or requests, please submit them via the link below:

Feedback & Support


Beta 3


  • Add: Grouping support
  • Add: shortcode
  • Add: [slb_exclude] shortcode
  • Add: Filter: pre_process_links
  • Add: Filter: post_process_links
  • Add: Filter: pre_exclude_content
  • Add: Filter: exclude_shortcodes
  • Add: Filter: group_shortcodes
  • Update: WordPress 3.9 support
  • Optimize: Remove deprecated legacy support
  • Optimize: Content exclusion performance
  • Optimize: Content grouping performance
  • Optimize: Utility methods
  • Optimize: Harden code against third-party post query modifications

Beta 2


  • Add: Manual link activation template tag (slb_activate())
  • Add: Option to enable/disable usage of WordPress-generated media title
  • Add: Filter: Link attributes (slb_process_link_attributes)
  • Add: Filter: Media properties (slb_media_item_properties)
  • Add: Filter: Support link text (slb_admin_plugin_row_meta_support)
  • Optimize: Client-side object detection
  • Optimize: Remove deprecated code
  • Optimize: Loading process
  • Update: Support URI, content

Beta 1


  • Add: Production versions of client-side code (JS)
  • Add: Dev mode
  • Add: Theme breakpoints
  • Optimize: Simplified client-side dependency detection
  • Optimize: JS standardization
  • Optimize: JS:Admin
  • Optimize: JS:Image Handler
  • Optimize: JS:Template Tags (UI, Item)
  • Optimize: Default Theme transitions
  • Optimize: Grunt cleanup
  • Optimize: Grunt path abstraction
  • Optimize: Grunt task loading
  • Optimize: Grunt selective file compilation