SLB 1.6.2 Beta

Maintenance Release
By Sol in Lab
Update: Thank you to all of the brave beta testers for helping making this beta phase incredibly successful! SLB 1.6.2 (Final) has been released! Go get it now!

It’s been awhile, but a new beta version of Simple Lightbox is ready to be unleashed upon our awesome group of brave testers. Your testing helps to make SLB better with each update.

The beta is quite stable, but one person (me) can only do so much testing. Now it’s time to let it loose for all of you to install and test.

As always, since there are so many different possible WordPress configurations (themes, plugins, etc.), it is highly recommended that you test any beta version on a test site before updating a production site.

Version 1.6.2 is primarily a maintenance release.  Not a lot has changed (except for a 95% rebuild of the JS code), so with your help it hopefully it won’t be long before 1.6.2 is ready for an official release.

What you get

For being a brave lad and installing the beta version on your site, you get the latest version with all the new features before anyone else. You also get a chance to provide feedback before the final version is released. Awesome, I know.

Oh yeah, and if you find a bug, the fix is named after you. Fame and fortune will surely soon follow.

How to report an issue

Every release is tested on a fresh installation of WordPress (current version) using the default themes. If you are experiencing a problem, it’s likely due to a conflict with a specific theme or plugin and I would love to hear about it. Just provide the information below and I will take a look your issue.If you have an bug/issue to report, please provide the following:

  • URL of page exhibiting bug (I can’t do much if I can’t test it myself)
  • WordPress version (3.3.1 etc.) — Note: SLB only supports the latest version of WordPress
  • Other plugins installed
  • Browser(s) with issue (Firefox, Chrome, etc.)

Note: As always, all previous stable versions of Simple Lightbox are available via WordPress’ official plugin page if you need to downgrade to a previous version for any reason.

Release Notes:

Beta 2

  • Optimize: Improved PHP 5 compatibility

Beta 1

  • Update: Rebuild JS code
  • Fix: Some elements can overlap lightbox
  • Optimize: Improved utility code