SLB 1.5.5 Beta

By Sol in Lab

Update (2011-06-20): Simple Lightbox 1.5.5 (Final) has been released!  Thanks for all the feedback from the brave beta testers!  Go get Simple Lightbox now!

A new beta version of Simple Lightbox has been released is ready for our great group of brave testers. Based on the awesome response from the beta testing for version 1.5.4, I’m sure 1.5.5 will be made even better thanks to all of you.

The beta is quite stable, but one person (me) can only do so much testing.  Now it’s time to let it loose for all of you to install and test.

The major change in version 1.5.5 is a complete overhaul of the options management.  On the face, it may not look like much has changed– this is the point.  It should be business as usual and users should not have to adjust anything.

Here are some examples of things that need testing and feedback:

  • Attachment Links — Image attachment links should be displayed in the lightbox
  • Dynamically loaded links — Images links loaded via AJAX, etc.
  • Updates — If you’re a current user of SLB 1.5.4 or earlier, I want to know if all of your current settings transferred over without issue
  • New Installations — If you’re installing SLB for the first time, I want to know if all the settings were properly initialized
  • Everyone — I want to know if your customized settings are being saved or not

Release Notes:

Beta 6

  • Optimize: Improved settings migration from previous versions
  • Add: Distinct link activation (will not affect other lightboxes)
  • Add: Backwards compatibility with legacy lightbox links (optional)
  • Update: Improved consistency of admin settings UI

Beta 5

  • Update: Additional WordPress 3.2 support (Gallery)
  • Fix: Improved options migration from old versions (Hutchison Migration)

Beta 4

  • Add: Support for WordPress 3.2
  • Add: Support for links added after page load (e.g. via AJAX, etc.)
  • Add: Admin option to enable/disable attachment links
  • Optimize: Improved compatibility for older versions of PHP

Beta 3

  • Add: Support for image attachment links
  • Optimize: Improved compatibility for older versions of PHP
  • Optimize: Internal optimizations

Beta 2

  • Fix: Debug code removed (Fatal Seb)
  • Update: Improved URL handling
  • Update: Cache-management for enqueued files

Beta 1

  • Update: Options management overhaul
  • Fix: XHTML Validation (Hajo Validation)

Known Issues

  • Resolved (b4): Saved settings may not be properly displayed when using PHP 4 (or older)

Coming Up

  • Compatibility with WP 3.2

What you get

For being a brave lad and installing the beta version on your site, you get the latest version with all the new features before anyone else. You also get a chance to provide feedback before the final version is released. Awesome, I know.

Oh yeah, and if you find a bug, the fix is named after you. Fame and fortune will soon follow.

What I need (How to report an issue)

Pretty simple. I need you to install the plugin and make sure everything is working.

If you have an bug/issue to report, please provide the following:

  • URL of page exhibiting bug (I can’t do much if I can’t test it myself)
  • WordPress version (3.1.1 etc.)
  • Other plugins installed
  • Browser(s) with issue (Firefox, Chrome, etc.)

Note: All previous stable versions of Simple Lightbox are available via WordPress’ official plugin page if you need to downgrade to a previous version for any reason.