Simple Lightbox Updated: 1.5.2

More bugs deadified
By Sol in Lab

I’m slowly catching up on things now that I’m starting to integrate normal things back into my life since the move.  This includes banal things such as eating and sleeping, but also includes responding to comments and requests.  I had some great feedback over the past month for Simple Lightbox, so I took some time to respond by releasing a new version of SLB!

  • Fix: Slideshow loops out of control (Mirage of Wallentin)
  • Fix: Lightbox fails when group by posts disabled (Lange Find)
  • Add: Option to use the image’s URI as caption when link title not set (Under UI options)

Mirage of Wallentin

Both miraged and Christer Wallentin reported having the same issue–  a strange error was crashing the lightbox when the slideshow was playing.  Thanks to their feedback, the slideshow is now on meds and does what it is told.

Lange Find

Early on I added an option to group images by posts so that the images in each post could be displayed in a separate slideshow when multiple posts are displayed on a single page.  I haven’t checked the microfiche, but I figure it was about the same time that I messed things up and while images were properly grouped when the option was enabled, the lightbox totally broke with the option disabled.  Thankfully Chris Lange noticed this and quickly told me about and just like that, things got better.

No Title No Service

Link titles are nice.  They help with accessibility and they give something for those underused tooltips to do when you put your mouse over a link.  SLB also likes link titles and uses them as a captions in the lightbox.  Alternate text for images are also nice, once again for accessibility and those cute tooltips.  SLB considers them a bit second-rate, but will still use alternate image text if no link title is available.

In the absence of a link title and alternate image text, SLB has historically resorted to using the source URI of the image it was displaying as the caption.  Better to display something than nothing at all right?  Well, no, not always, as Justin Oberman pointed out.  SLB now has an option to use the image’s URI for the caption as a last resort fallback, or simply display nothing at all.

That’s all for Simple Lightbox 1.5.2.  Go and update your copy now!