Simple Lightbox: 1.4 Beta

Now with jQuery!
By Sol in Lab

A new beta version of Simple Lightbox is available.  Please download it from the link below and leave feedback, bugs, etc. in the comments.

Changes in this version

  • Lightbox now integrated with jQuery
  • File size decrease: The javascript loaded by Simple Lightbox has been reduced to 1/10th of it’s previous size, thanks in part to no longer requiring Prototype.
  • New: Close lightbox by clicking to left/right outside of image (an oft-requested feature)

Now that I’ve optimized the code for the lightbox, it will be much simpler to add new features and functionality in the future.  I’m still planning further optimizations and features, which I’ll be working on once the kinks in this version are ironed out.

This is beta software, and as with any beta release, be aware that it may not be optimized for production use.  It is recommended to test on a development/local server first.

Download: Simple Lightbox 1.4b