Ray-Ban RB5076 Field Notes (Day 7)

By Sol in Lab

I can’t remember if my previous pair of plastic frames had nose pads or not, but the Ray-Ban RB5076 frames do not.  This has proven to be the biggest issue with these frames thus far.

In general, the frames are quite comfortable, but at the slightest tilt of my head, they start to slide ever so slightly down my nose.  I don’t think they’ll actually fall off my face, but the frames don’t have to fall off to be uncomfortable.  I find myself tensing my brow and ears to try to keep the glasses from sliding further down my nose, though I’m not sure if that does anything but give me a headache.

I think I’m going to need to add some nose pads to these frames.  I’ve already started looking a bit, but so far, I’ve only come across some silicon nose pads that sound like they’ll need to be replaced once a week.  I’m looking for something quite a bit more permanent.