Ray-Ban RB5076 Field Notes (Day 17)

Lens Problems
By Sol in Lab

After the previous adjustments, my new glasses fit better than ever.  Now if I only could see clearly through the lenses.


Thankfully, last week’s adjustments seem to have done the trick– the frames stay on well during various activities and are quite comfortable.  I am now used to the way the adjusted arms feel and nothing seems out of place.

I can wear these frames all day and feel no discomfort.  This is quite impressive considering plastic frames are generally heavier than metal frames (which my last frames were).  However, the thin arms of metal frames that I’ve had in the past had a tendency to dig into my ear, so they did get a bit uncomfortable after a full day of use.  This does not happen with the Ray-Ban RB5076’s.  It may simply be due to the fact that the plastic arms of this frame are thicker and so cannot really “cut” into my ear.

Lens Problems

Ever since I got these glasses, I’ve felt like I couldn’t quite see as sharply as I had hoped.  I got a new prescription in February and the contacts I got using the prescription seem to be quite a bit sharper.

As time has passed, I find myself becoming less and less confident of my vision when wearing these glasses.  I currently don’t feel comfortable driving long distances (especially at night) while wearing them.

Clearly, this is not how I should be feeling about new glasses.

Since I cannot easily compare the clarity of my contacts with my glasses, I sometimes wonder if I’m just imagining that things seem less sharp than I expect them to be.  However, the kicker was last night when I tilted my glasses slightly downward so that I was looking through the lenses at a slightly different angle and position.  All of a sudden, everything was in sharp focus.

Now, I’m well aware the tilting the glasses can and will change how one can see through the lenses (this was a trick I would use as a kid when my prescription was getting too weak), but the difference in this case is that the world that I saw when I tilted the glasses was what I expected.  Things were sharp where they were supposed to be.  I could read things that I expected to be able to read at a distance such as street signs and storefront displays.

So today I went to Costco (where I got the lenses made) to have them look at the lenses and let me know whether something might be wrong with the lenses.  Thankfully, this did not take long as it only required them to put each lens under a machine to get some readings, which confirmed that the glasses matched the prescription I provided.

The optical technician also pointed out that an previous pair of glasses that I had ordered at Costco (several years ago) where actually stronger than my current prescription, so I may need to make an appointment with my optometrist to see if there was some mistake with this new prescription (though it is strange than my contacts using this new prescription seem just fine).  According to Costco’s records, the difference in prescription is quite large, so this may be the cause.  Looking at the prescription of the last pair of glasses I bought (online in 2008), the old prescription is indeed stronger than my new prescription.

So I guess the next step is to call up my optometrist and talk to them about possibly getting my prescription adjusted.

Thankfully, Costco says that they will replace the lenses at no charge if an adjustment is necessary.  That’s awesome.