Ray-Ban RB5076 Field Notes (Day 10)

By Sol in Lab

Two adjustments over the past two days have alleviated the largest issue I’ve had so far with my new glasses.

The issue of course, is that my frames were slipping down my nose.  Both adjustments were the same– bending the arms to “hook” around the ear.


I decided to visit the optical department while shopping at Sam’s Club a couple days ago to ask them if they had any suggestions for keeping my glasses from slipping.  The guy said that they could heat and bend the frame’s arms to help them hook behind my ear better.  I was already aware of this as an option, but I was rather apprehensive about heating my new plastic frames.  Hesitantly, I handed over my glasses and he put it under the heating device.

After bending both arms, he gave them back to me, and I tried them on, and immediately noticed that they fit better!  They still felt like they had a bit of give, but I figured it would be better for them to be a bit loose than too tight, so I decided to hold off on any further adjustments and get used to them for a bit.


Most of the slipping was alleviated after the adjustments made by Sam’s, but after a day of wearing the glasses, I felt that a bit of adjustment was still necessary.  The day after my visit to Sam’s I was at Costco (which is where I had the lenses put in these frames), so I asked them to adjust the arms for a better fit.

The lady handed it back to me after a few adjustments and I could definitely feel the difference, though I was not immediately sure whether it was the right fit.  Most notably, I could now feel the arms touching the back of my ears.  This was a new sensation and I wasn’t sure whether it would become uncomfortable after wearing the glasses for long periods of time (as I am wont to do).  However, the glasses had very little play and did not slip, so I decided to wear them for at least a day to get used to the changes.

So far, the glasses feel great.  The only difference is that I need to lift the frames a bit when taking them off because the arms now hook more around my ears.  However, this is not an issue at all and more than acceptable for a better fit.  I don’t even think I need nose pads at this point, but I’ll be monitoring how well the glasses stay on during my daily activities for the next few days.