FIR: Touching Features

Adding support for Touch icons
By Sol in Lab

I’ve been wanting to update Favicon Rotator to include support for setting touch icons for a little while now, so I set aside some time today to start working on it.

Touch Icons?

Touch icons are different than standard favicons in that they are specifically used for setting the icon when a site is bookmarked or added to the homescreen of a mobile device such as an iPhone, iPad, or Android phone/tablet.  Touch icons support a much higher resolution than standard favicons (up to 114 x 114 pixels), so simply using the favicon is not ideal.  This update will allow users to set the touch icon for their site independently of any favicons they have added.


I’ve made decent progress today, but have moved somewhat slower than expected because I’ve had to reacclimate myself to Favicon Rotator’s code.

As usual, I’m also reworking the code to be more flexible for future enhancements.  To be honest, I initially intended to just do a quick and dirty update to add support for touch icons and then clean it up later, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.  It may take a little bit longer, but at least it will be even easier to work with than it is today.

I hope to have a beta version ready to release by tomorrow.

Here’s a quick peek at the slightly updated UI

Updated UI