FIR: Nearing Release

By Sol in Lab

The newest version of Favicon Rotator is sailing ever closer to being ready for release.

Much time today was spent on determining the most elegant way to pass control of the media upload and selection processes to FIR’s code, which was unexpected because I thought I hashed all this out when I developed the media functionality code for Cornerstone (which was adapted for use in FIR).  Invariably, I found better ways to do things, so while it may have taken some time to rework the code, it will translate to more sound functionality for this and other plugins.


FIR is now setup to handle any number of images, each with their own set of unique properties (width, height, display template, etc.).  I can only think of a couple other icons I may want to add support for in the future, but it now it will be very easy to do so.


I’m working my way down my checklist (which tends to continue to grow longer and longer before it gets shorter) and am nearing completion.  The biggest set of tasks centers around limiting/filtering the upload dialog and image listing to images that match the icon that is currently being set.  For example, touch icons must be PNG files, so FIR will have to only allow uploading PNG files as well as only display PNG files when browsing through the library.