FIR 1.2 Beta

By Sol in Lab

Update (2011-06-30): Favicon Rotator 1.2 (Final) has been released.  Thank you to all how tested the beta!  Get the latest version of Favicon Rotator

A new beta version of Favicon Rotator has been released is ready for our great group of brave testers.

The beta is quite stable, but one person (me) can only do so much testing.  Now it’s time to let it loose for all of you to install and test.

The major change in version 1.2 is support for setting an icon for Touch devices (Android, iPhone, iPad, etc.) in addition to the favicon for standard browsers.

Here are some examples of things that need testing and feedback:

  • Setting the touch icon — Icon should be set to selected image
  • Icon added to homescreen — Touch icon should be used when adding the site to the homescreen on a touch device

Release Notes:

Beta 1

  • Add: Support for setting the touch icon

Known Issues

There are currently no known issues

What you get

For being a brave lad and installing the beta version on your site, you get the latest version with all the new features before anyone else. You also get a chance to provide feedback before the final version is released. Awesome, I know.

Oh yeah, and if you find a bug, the fix is named after you. Fame and fortune will soon follow.

What I need (How to report an issue)

Pretty simple. I need you to install the plugin and make sure everything is working.

If you have an bug/issue to report, please provide the following:

  • URL of page exhibiting bug (I can’t do much if I can’t test it myself)
  • WordPress version (3.1.1 etc.)
  • Other plugins installed
  • Browser(s) with issue (Firefox, Chrome, etc.)

Note: All previous stable versions of Simple Lightbox are available via WordPress’ official plugin page if you need to downgrade to a previous version for any reason.