CNR: Roadmap – Milestone 01

By Sol in Lab

I’m really enjoying the development of Cornerstone, but what I really want is to get it in the hands of users and to hear what they want it to do for them. There are so many features in various stages of development, that it became clear if this plugin were to ever see the light of day, I would need to define a subset of features to be included in an intial release. I took a few minutes yesterday and made a short list of features that will be in milestone 1.

  • Structure
    • Posts in Sections
    • Custom permalink structure
    • Supporting template tags
  • Content Types (predefined post metadata for different types of content)
    • Finalized storage structure
      • Extensibility is main priority
    • API for registering new types
      • Mainly for developers in first release
    • Optimized content type registration

This is the first of several milestones, and I’ll cover the features in future milestones later.  For now, I have am focused on polishing up all the functionality that surrounds the above features so that milestone 1 will yield good feedback as I move forward in development.

Stay tuned for an announcement when milestone 1 is released.