CNR 0.7 Beta

By Sol in Lab

The primary focus of this beta release of Cornerstone is a feature that allows WordPress to be used for sites that go beyond just blogging– Posts in Sections.  Create a section, add posts to it, they show up when you navigate to that section.  Simple as that.  It really is, but here’s a tutorial on how to organize posts in sections with Cornerstone just because I think you’re awesome.


Start using Cornerstone and add your thoughts, bugs, and requests as a comment below.

What I need

Pretty simple. I need you to install the plugin and make sure everything is working.

If you have an bug/issue to report, please provide the following:

  • URL of page exhibiting bug (I can’t do much if I can’t test the issue myself)
  • WordPress version (3.4.2 etc.)
  • Browser(s) with issue (Firefox, Chrome, etc.)

Release Notes:

Beta 1

  • Optimize: Permalink structure reset when plugin activated/deactivated
  • Optimize: Post Editor: Update permalink preview when section changed
  • Optimize: Improved client-side file loading
  • Optimize: Encapsulate client-side code