CNR 0.6 Beta

Custom Content Types ready for action!
By Sol in Lab


This beta has been closed.  Check out Cornerstone’s official page to learn about the latest developments.

This beta version brings Content Types support to Cornerstone.  Content Types is very similar to WordPress’ own custom post types (in fact it is built upon it), but it adds an important piece to the puzzle– custom fields.

Simply put, different types of content will often have ancillary content that also needs to be captured.  Events have start & end times, recipes have ingredients, films have actors, etc.  The secondary data is often essential to give meaning to the content item as a whole.

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Further Reading

Here are some resources to get you started on using Cornerstone’s custom content types in WordPress:


Start using Cornerstone and add your thoughts, bugs, and requests as a comment below.

What I need

Pretty simple.  I need you to install the plugin and make sure everything is working.

If you have an bug/issue to report, please provide the following:

  • URL of page exhibiting bug (I can’t do much if I can’t test the issue myself)
  • WordPress version (3.1.1 etc.)
  • Browser(s) with issue (Firefox, Chrome, etc.)

Release Notes:

Beta 3

  • Fix: Section not always saved

Beta 2

  • Optimize: Internal performance
  • Fix: Section posts fetched prior to checking posts’ properties

Beta 1

  • Add: Content type support
  • Add: Media support
  • Optimize: Code cleanup
  • Fix: Pagingation compatibility for WordPress 3.1+
  • Fix: Various bug fixes