Carry Speed Camera Sling CS-2B: Day Two

By Sol in Lab

Field notes from day 2 of my 7 day evaluation of Carry Speed’s CS-2B camera sling strap.

The strap stayed in the bag for most of the day.  This is because my camera unfortunately spent most of the day in the bag.  I only took it out for quick shot at the end of the day.

Just a quick note today:

The threaded mount unfortunately does not work with my Manfrotto quick-release plate.


The threaded hole in the mount’s knob is too shallow for this standard plate.

I picked up a rubber washer for $0.40 last night which fills in the gap between the mount and my Barska camera grip.  It’s a quick and cheap fix but I wish I didn’t have to do it.  I was considering shortening the screw on the grip because I thought it might simply be too long, but since the mount also doesn’t work with an industry standard tripod plate, I have to wonder what the mount does work with.  Maybe I should glue the rubber washer to the mount instead of the Barska grip.  This way, it’ll have a better chance of working with standard accessories.

That all.  Tomorrow I’ll be testing it with the Panasonic GH1.  I’m curious to see whether the mount plate clears the battery door on the GH1 like it does on the Canon T2i.  The GH1 is a smaller camera, so it may not be able to.