Carry Speed Camera Sling CS-2B: Day Seven

By Sol in Lab

Field notes from the final day of my 7 day test of Carry Speed’s CS-2B camera sling strap.

Today the camera was mostly on the tripod.  Due to the fact that the strap does not work with the standard Manfrotto quick release tripod plate, I did not have the strap attached for most of the day.  Save for one time when I was going to be walking around for a decent amount of time, I did not use the strap even when I went handheld.  Again, this is primarily because it does not work with the tripod plate.  If it did, it would live on the camera for all time.

I also noticed that I missed having the Uni-strap attached while walking around.  Along with keeping the camera from sliding forward when leaning over, it also helps to keep the camera from bouncing around too much when I’m just walking.  It makes walking with the camera attached to the strap much more comfortable.