Building a WordPress Series Plugin: Decision

By Sol in Lab

I have decided on this plugin’s direction. Here it is:

git checkout -b entry-cpt

Exciting, right? For everyone else, I have decided that entries will be a custom post type.


In the end, the decision wasn’t that hard. There are a few reasons why creating series entries as custom post types is ideal:

Organization is priority #1

The whole point of a series plugin is to organize posts. Letting organization take a back seat to other factors is simply not a good idea.

As a custom post type with strong connections to a series, entries will be well-organized by default.

Better Compromises

Each option had their risks and compromises. In the end, I can sleep better with the compromises of this option and I’m confident that most (if not all) of the issues can be handled with minimal hackery.

I Need to Use It

I’m sharing the development of this plugin because I want as many people as possible to benefit from it. Once it’s ready to go, I want as many people as possible benefit from the plugin itself as well.

However, I readily admit that I decided to create this plugin because I want it. While I would love for everyone else to use it as well, I must also accept that this plugin won’t fit certain users’ needs. The plugin needs to fit my needs because that’s the only way to guarantee its continued development.

New Territory

I’m jumping into highly untested waters from this point out. This is going to be fun.