Scroll though files in Eclipse at light speed

By Sol in Know

As your development-related projects get larger, you invariably will find yourself having to work with files with more lines of code.  Even with all of the great keyboard shortcuts for hopping around in a file that are available in Eclipse, there will still be a lot of scrolling involved in large files.  When we’re talking about files with 3,000+ lines (not uncommon), scrolling through a file can become a very tedious thing.  You could set your mouse to scroll more than the standard 3 lines at a time, but then you’d have to live with that setting in all of your applications.

Thankfully, Eclipse offers an easy way to greatly minimize the amount of scrolling you have to do.  Simply hold down the CTRL key on the keyboard when scrolling with the mouse wheel in an editor and you will now be able to scroll an entire screen at a time.

This simple addition makes scrolling an excellent choice for navigating through a file of any size.