30 Days of Email Domination: Inch by Inch

By Sol in Blog

Inbox and bulk message processing just inched its way under 15 minutes today. In addition, only a few messages (3) required additional management, so that did not take much time either.

Check marks for Checklists

The previously-created checklist for processing messages is working out nicely as well. It helps me remain focused and on task most of the time, though I occasionally still get sidetracked by a message here or there.

My enemy, I name thee Facebook

Smartlabels continue to work well, though Facebook messages are always landing in my inbox (when they should be automatically archived with the rest of the bulk messages). I don’t know what to do about that besides creating a filter to delete Facebook messages outright as unsubscribing from these “notifications” has yet to yield any positive results.

Today’s Stats

  • Checked email: 1 time
  • Time: 16:58:42
  • Total messages: 242
    • Inbox: 62
    • Bulk: 159
    • Important: 0
  • Management: 3
    • Incorrect Smart Label: 1
    • Unsubscribe: 2
    • Update filtering: 0
    • Spam: 0
  • Time per Message
    • Inbox: 08:28 (7.3 messages/minute)
    • Bulk: 06:22 (25 messages/minute)
    • Management (filters, etc.): 01:05
    • Total: 15:55
    • Average: 15.2 messages/minute