30 Days of Email Domination: Happily Irritated

By Sol in Blog

The priority email account was supposed to help me feel more relaxed about email, but I find that I am mildly irritated when I receive a message in my priority account. In the moment that I hear that new mail notification on my phone, I think, “this better be important.” Previously, I would have gladly welcomed a new email notification with the hope that something worthwhile arrived. I’m happy to be irritated though, because it means that I’m valuing my time over email.

Redefining Sensitivity

I received a couple messages yesterday (family), one of which was time-sensitive. A message that is considered “time-sensitive” changes each time I extend the interval between email checks. Since I’m not checking my email for a week, a message is time-sensitive if action must be taken in response to the message in less than a week (in this case, knowing when pick up my brother at the airport).

Some Adjustment Required

I also received a few more messages in my priority email account today. It looks like I need to tighten up the message forwarding filters because one of the messages I received this evening was a marketing email from eBay (marketing = never important). This is not the type of message I want in my priority account.