Simple Lightbox 2.4 (Beta)

By Sol in Lab

Welcome to the beta for Simple Lightbox 2.4! Below you will find information and links to the beta releases for this version.

Feedback & Support

If you have any requests, issues, or other feedback to provide on this beta, please use the links below.


Beta 3


  • JS: Optimize: View Controller
  • JS: Update: Set default ID for components
  • JS: Optimize: Component properties
  • JS: Optimize: Remove unused/deprecated Component methods/properties
  • JS: Optimize: Component references handling
  • JS: Optimize: Component attribute handling
  • JS: Optimize: Component DOM handling

Beta 2


  • JS: Optimize: Core library
  • JS: Optimize: Utilities library
  • JS: Optimize: Default template tags (item, ui)
  • JS: Optimize: Default content handlers (image)
  • JS: Optimize: Default themes (baseline, default)
  • JS: Optimize: View controller

Beta 1


  • Add: Set custom group via slb_activate()
  • Add: Set custom group via activate_links()
  • Add: slb_is_enabled filter